One of the top-class equipment in the new family of broadcasting transmitters powered by Neetra is MERKUR, a unique solution on the market for the FM Radio operators demanding for top quality audio at a very competitive price level.

The extensive use of high-level Digital Signal Processing givesMERKUR unique features in the audio broadcasting world. The native AES/EBU input module guarantees pure digital quality avoiding the conversion from an analogue source and a legacy analogue input assures top performances even with standard analogue audio.

The FM modulation is implemented by an innovative direct-RF synthesis algorithm with sub-Hz accuracy onto an FPGA-based digital processing core. The result is a frequency-agile transmitter with immediate installation procedure, allowing operators to broadcast their audio content with excellent purity and maximum reliability.

Moreover, the total absence of analogue trimming points guarantees lifetime top performances and zero degradation due to component ageing.
MERKUR can be locked to the GPS time/frequency reference signal for exact carrier allocation and Synchro FM operation, a promising band-efficient method of operating adjacent FM transmitters on the same RF frequency after aligning all the RF and audio parameters of the transmission. The result is a clearly improved listener's reception in the overlapping signal area, extending the coverage to shadow areas normally characterized by inter-channel interference.
A typical application of this iso-frequency approach is the coverage of branches of highways, allowing car radio receivers to keep tuning the same carrier while driving, without the annoying effect of black spots along the road.

The pure digital audio sensation that MERKUR can create is obtained also thanks to a revolutionary Soft Limiter avoiding audio intermodulation peaks while safeguarding the integrity of the whole input dynamic range, and with the use of accurate signal processing allowing high full-band stereo separation and extreme signal-to-noise ratio.

The unit comes with a full-option outfit: analogue and digital audio, analogue MPX and additional wideband SCA inputs, embedded RDS Generator and Digital Stereo Coder and Web/SNMP remote control.

Thanks to the all-digital implementation, MERKUR is lifetime firmware upgradeable through PC serial connection and is fully remotely controllable by means of different cabled or wireless telecommunications networks.

Compact, accurate, and flexible: definitely a milestone in the radio broadcasting world, you simply cannot miss it!