Why choose Neetra?

Our products are entirely designed, manufactured and tested in Italy. The excellence of the products is thus assured by a process constantly checked by the Italian government. Made in Italy is the third brand in the world for notoriety, after Coca Cola and Visa.


Because our customers are important for us!



Thanks to our Research and Development Department, we can provide solution that can satisfy the needs of all of our customers. We can customize even the smallest details of our products. We can also provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions. In short: you will never be unsatisfied again!



We help you look for the right financing for your company for the purchase of broadcasting equipment. We can support you to access credit funding procedures for national and European plans. More than 200 companies already obtained financings thanks to our support.



Our engineers are always available to help with installations and for prompt maintenance. Guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of our equipment is our commitment. We work for your tranquillity and to offer you a fast and qualified service at any time.



Broadcasting technology is a field in constant evolution. In order to be always up to date, from time to time we hold updating courses about our products and the broadcasting theory in general, both at our premises and on-site!

Other reasons?

Quality Certifications


ISO9001, CE mark, are only some of the quality certificates obtained by Neetra. In fact, in order to be present on the scene of several world markets, it is necessary to obtain the most different certifications, which is synonymous with quality!