TV Transmitter and Transposer


The transmitters and transposers in this series are characterized by high performance and capability and by excellent linearity over the entire working band thanks to the optimization of the RF circuits.

A high degree of reliability is guaranteed, by the use of oversized cooling devices and by control circuits operated by modern microprocessor technologies.
All of the on-board microprocessors can be reprogrammed from the frontal panel with the help of a PC.
From the same panel it is possible to display and change more than 50 parameters of the transmitter, stored into a non-volatile memory.
For analog parameters, the transmitter displays both the current value and the factory setting.
All of the parameters which can be read and set from the display can also be controlled from remote trough the RS232 connector on the front panel or the RS485 on the rear one.
The main parameters and the on/off status of the transmitter can also be controlled in a wired way through the telemetering connector on the rear panel.
These units are used as low-power transmitters or transposers or as driver stages for amplifiers of higher power and are available in 15W versions.
The excellent spectral purity of the conversion oscillator gives these units an excellent signal/noise ratio of the radiated signal.
The units are equipped with an input connector for a 5MHz or 10MHz external reference signal.
The OFFSET option allows frequency shifts in 1Hz (CCIR) or 
0.999000999Hz (FCC) steps for operation in "precision offset" or "isofrequency" mode in the various television standards.

The AUDIO STEREO option allows to have stereo and dual sound audio input.

The EXTERNAL REFERENCE option allows have internal high-precision frequency reference. The OUTPUT FILTER option allows to reduce the out-of-band signals.
The MONOSCOPE option allows have internally generated, fixed but programmable video and audio pattern.