Medium Power VHF TV Amplifiers


The new amplifiers FAP (Digital Amplifier Technology)series are designed to meet the highest RF performance request on the market.
Using the latest high-voltage LDMOS technologies, they achieve excellent performance in linearity, RF power and efficiency.

Designed for digital signal (DVB-T2 / ISDB-Tb / ATSC v3.0), they can be used with top class performance also with analogue standards.
Custom warnings thresholds can be set, so the operator can be called before a more serious alarm occurs (for example, when the output power decreases below a threshold).

Up to 100 events, among the most important, can be stored in a non-volatile memory for a future analysis by the operator. These events include switching on and off (by mains, by front buttons or remote control), alarms and warnings.

Thanks to a latest-generation microprocessor, the control board is implemented without any "trimmer" adjustment point.
Every control and setting is performed directly on the front panel graphical display.

A standard analogue interface and serial port are available to allow remote control of all the parameters of the unit. The amplifiers are cooled with a powerful and noiseless blower.

Latest switching-mode power supply helps to reach extreme amplifier efficiency, accompanied with a power factor close to one in every load condition.
The units are available with different RF gain options. The standard version, with lower gain simplifies the multiple drawers paralleling operations, making easy future power upgrade. The higher gain option allows a direct digital modulator with 0dBm output power level driving. In this last case a sophisticated ALC algorithm take care of the output power level, leaving it stable over temperature gain reducing and input level variation.

Output Reflected power and temperature FOLD -BACK algorithm can be front panel activated.
The amplifier are wideband RF, and available in single phase and three phase system.