Automatic Changeover


The Automatic Transmitter Switch (ATS2) acts as 1+1 passive reserve controller monitoring the correct operating state of a transmitting equipment, allowing to detect possible failures, and automatically replacing it with a reserve transmitter if needed.

The detection of the correct working status of the transmitters is made by DC level or by contacts.

The operational parameters of the system, such as 0dB power level, intervention threshold, switching time of the transmitters, manual or automatic working mode can be configured by display and keys user interface.

The system can be remotely controlled via USB on front panel or RS485 on rear panel or parallel (with stationary or temporary contacts) connection.

TCP/IP option is available.

It is provided with audio (FM), video (analog TV) and ASI (digital TV) distributor for base-band signals to be sent to the two transmitters, and the 19kHz pilot tone coming from the exciters can be switched to an RDS encoder, if any.

The switch on and off of a transmitter is made by free contact.

ATS2 power supply is optionally a double redundance input with internal signalling of missing AC input. With double power supply input AC power supply output is supplied in order to supply an AC powered coax switch from the present AC input.

The ATS1000 and ATS2000 models are equipped with Coax and Dummy Load for respectively 1kW and 2kW 1+1 transmitters change-over.

All ATS2 models are available with time controlled change-over software in order to achieve a night switch to a different exciter and/or transmitter.