Neetra’s experience in the digital Radio Revolution

Today, thanks to a huge experience, the Neetra team is the biggest player of one of the most revolutionary projects of Radio Broadcasting in Europe. Digital Radio is coming to Italy and to many northern European countries, such as Netherlands and Norway. In 2017 the norwegian FM system will be permanently off, and turn completely to DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting).


First of all for the high standard of quality: better signal reception and therefore higher sound quality; easier to use; additional content (news, song titles, sports scores, etc.) or images (similar to a PowerPoint presentation). Potentially also new channels, just like the TV. In addition, almost all new vehicles have a DAB+ car radio, at least among the options. Finally, DAB, unlike the web radio, can be perfectly heard even without an Internet connection.


In Norway the “TheRadioHub” project combines the huge potential of DAB+ technology with a great opportunity to distribute and gather information via web and social networks. Within a single platform, the broadcaster can thus send audio and multimedia content to DAB+ networks and to the web. Also, collect and send content to and from social networks. It is also possible to collect feedback from end users through the APPs, available for smartphones and tablets, and manage the so-called “Hybrid DNS”. This is a system that sends and gathers management information from household, portable or car receivers (info:

Neetra is also present in the development of the DAB+ national network of the Netherlands which brought the new radio signal on the frequencies operated by KPN. It is the national network operator which provides broadcast and telecommunications services nationwide. A network of around 50 transmitters in the VHF band provides a signal of exceptional quality thanks to Neetra products.

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