Broadcasting transmitters of new generation

In both the TV broadcasting and the Radio broadcasting fields Neetra is facing the international market with innovative ranges of transmitters. Transmitters for FM Radio, DAB and Digital TV segments, entirely realized by our corporate design division. We build products on the basis of in-depth technical and marketing analysis.

The new transmitters stand out for: very high reliability, compactness, very low consumption, high quality standard of the components. Also, simplicity of use and installation and exemplar noise level with the minimum maintenance and the total remote controllability.

The main characteristics are:

-LDMOS devices of last generation

-High energy efficiency at all the power levels

-Modular system and high internal redundancy

-Remote controllability by means of SNMP protocol and Web Server

-Minimum needed spare parts

-Optimal quality/price ratio

In addition to the “MERKUR” range for FM Radio, there are also the “KRON” Transmitter ranges for Digital TV Broadcasting and the unequalled “SATURN-HE” range for the DAB+ Digital Radio Broadcasting. In the KRON and SATURN-HE families numerical modulators with high-level digital pre-correction, together with high-efficiency amplification stages, guarantee an equalled quality RF signal.

Neetra distinguishes itself, in addition to the quality and reliability of its products. Also for the rapid and efficient after-sales service, managed by an ad-hoc office and by a trustworthy technical personnel based in all the continents.

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