Digital TV


The SFN Adapter by Neetra is a compact high performance DVB-T/H and DTMB MIP/SIP inserter.
As highlighted by name it is part of a terrestrial DTV network when Single Frequency Network operations are required. It is generally located just after the DVB multiplexer. It performs the computation and the insertion of the Mega frame Information Packet (MIP) in the MPEG- TS flow according to the ETSI recommendation TS 101 191 v1.4.1 (2004-06).

The SFN Adapter from Neetra supports all DVB-T and DVB-H modes, hierarchical or non hierarchical, and all channel bandwidths (5, 6, 7, 8MHz) in a single unit.
SFN Adapter processes the reference signals (1PPS and 10MHz) coming from a GPS receiver in order to compute the time stamp information that is part of the MIP packet.

The equipment offers 2 ASI inputs and 2 ASI outputs. In non hierarchical modes: the 2 ASI inputs could be used for redundancy, and the 2 ASI outputs generate the same signal. In hierarchical modes: the 2 ASI inputs receive the 2 transport stream flows (HP & LP) coming from 2 DVB multiplexers, and the 2 ASI outputs generate the HP and LP flows, ready to feed the modulator through a transport network.

This means that a single equipment is able to perform the MIP insertion in non hierarchical modes as well as in hierarchical modes. Powerful management of the synchronisation signals (10MHz, 1PPS) allows reliable operations even in case of a loss of reference signals and minimises the resulting disturbances.

A display on front panel helps the user to program the working modes and to read the equipment status. Leds on front panel give to the operator a quick view of the status. The SFN Adapter can be controlled by remote by a USB connector on front panel or RS485 on rear panel.

For DTMB operation the operating mode is exactly the same, apart from SIP insertion which replaces MIP insertion.