DAB+ Transmitters


Transmission power efficiency is nowadays one of the hot topics within the broadcasting products manufacturing technology, in order to efficiently answer to the governments requirement for global energy consumption reduction.

The SATURN-HE DAB+ Transmitters are the optimal solution to implement highly efficient broadcasting stations without sacrificing long-term reliability, compactness and linearity performances. The overall top-level performances are obtained through an optimal combination of Doherty power amplifier technology and of a newly conceived digital predistortion algorithm, all accompanied by a careful choice of reliable components and durable materials.

The power amplifier can cover the whole frequency band from 170MHz to 240MHz by tuning the Doherty combiner at the desired center frequency. The typical bandwidth for each center frequency is enough to cover more than two channels.
The amplifier drawers are equipped with high-efficiency AC switching power supplies, designed to guarantee a power factor close to one with every load condition.
The optional integrated EDI Inputs allow a compact and cost- competitive integration of the SATURN transmitters with IP networks used to transport the DAB+ Ensemble from the studio to the broadcasting sites. Furthermore, the high efficiency allows a very low and easy predictable operating cost. Thanks to the new Digital Precorrection system of the SATURN DAB+ Exciter and to the top quality of the FPA Power Amplifiers, the coverage and quality performance of the radiated DAB+ signal are simply excellent. A careful design, approached with strongly oversized components and guaranteeing the presence of at least two items for each critical component, allows an intrinsic “native redundancy” concept (Power Devices, Power Supplies, Cooling 
System) saving space and maximizing MTBF values.

The presence of a Central Control Unit collecting all the operating parameters from the amplifiers and from the antenna system provides a single control point able to manage all power devices currents, power supplies voltages, temperatures of the heat sinks, amplifiers output powers together with the RF power readings of the output antenna system. A multifunction display on the Control Unit allows to monitor in real-time all the operating parameters of the DAB+ Transmitter. All the transmitter in this series are remotely controllable by wired telemetry connection, by serial communication, or with Web Server and SNMP interface.
Each transmitter comes with automatic seamless switching function between the ETI and EDI inputs in all combinations in SFN mode.