Remote Control Unit and Monitoring


The RCU (Remote Control Unit) manufactured by Neetra S.r.l. allows to monitor a distant broadcasting station just as the operator were on site. There are four connection modes: direct cable connection (RS232 or USB), traditional telephone connection (PSTN), data connection GSM, Internet connection (dedicated software, web or SNMP).

It is possible to check and modify any parameter of the TV and FM amplifiers (power, power supply, temperature, etc.), of the exciters (frequency, gain, ON/OFF status) and of the switches (transmitter in antenna) with simple and intuitive operations.

In case of failure or breakdown, the RCU automatically informs the control centre by SMS or phone call. This way it is possible to be aware of the problem in time and perform a timely and effective intervention, limiting the inactivity period.

Besides, the RCU allows to monitor the mains voltage and, should the power fail, can be automatically powered by a battery in order to send the SMS/phone call. RCU is oriented towards the remote control of broadcasting equipment by Neetra S.r.l., but it has enough flexibility to allow controlling other general- purpose devices. In fact, the RCU is provided with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.
It is also possible to set some user-defined rules allowing the
RCU to automatically modify the output channels depending on the status of the inputs, with no operator intervention. By means of adequate sensors, it is possible to measure the humidity or air pressure (analog inputs), check the presence of fire or intruder alarms (digital inputs) or turn on/off the air conditioning or a lamp (digital output). Besides, the outputs can be controlled manually, from remote or locally, or automatically, depending on the inputs. Having a hooter sound when an intruder-alarm is triggered, or turn on the air-conditioning when the temperature or humidity is too high, will be easy as sending a simple SMS. And if this is not enough, the input and outputs can be expanded by adding the GENIO option.