Digital TV Transmitters


The MOBILE COFDM LINK is a new professional product born after the strong expertise of Neetra in the Digital TV scenario, addressing the needs of live events reporting in urban and mobile environments. The MOBILE COFDM LINK is a 10Wrms, DVB-T based, mobile microwave link operating in the range 2.4-2.6GHz assuring great robustness of operation and extreme signal quality even in non-line-of-sight conditions.

The MOBILE COFDM LINK can be configured upon the specific customer needs. At transmitter side the input can be Analogue Audio/Video, SDI with embedded audio or dual ASI input with automatic redundancy switch. At receiver side the user can choose to have UHF output, ASI output or Analogue Audio/Video output. The link may also be configured with space or frequency diversity architectures and different antenna models. Moreover, a DC battery supply option is available upon specific request. The Transmitter of the MOBILE COFDM LINK is totally frequency agile over the 2.4-2.6GHz range and is equipped with a low-phase-noise local oscillator and with a state-of-the-art digital precorrector, thus guaranteeing high MER performances over the whole bandwidth and at every output power level.

The Transmitter is housed in a single 19” 3U case, where we have concentrated the powerful digital signal processing section, the agile up-conversion module, the output filtering module, the power amplifier stage, the

microprocessor-based control section and a very user- friendly LCD interface.
A complete remote control of the Transmitter unit is possible by means of different cabled or wireless telecommunications networks.

All of its parameters are also quickly and easily controllable through a remote PC connection for a comfortable control and monitoring inside an OB Van. Neetra equipment is severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and is guaranteed by the ISO-9001 Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase. Neetra equipment for Digital TV broadcasting is currently used by valuable worldwide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments.