DVB-T/T2 UHF/VHF Transmitter


KRON transmitter system family is the outstanding, latest-generation Neetra multi-standard platform for the transmission of a Digital TV signal up to
a power of 1kWrms in a nice looking equipment. The
KRON transmitter system platform is available in the 1000W, 800W, 500W, 400W (in rack version), 250W, 100W, 50W, 25W and 5Wrms versions in a compact 2U/3U case or in a solid case when the equipment is requested with

the integrated UHF or VHF band-pass output filter. KRON transmitter system is conceived to support DVB-T/T2, ATSC, ISDB-T/Tb, DTMB,
including the top class, user friendly Linear

and Non-Linear Digital Precorrection functionality. Optionally a high-end Digital Adaptive Predistortion (DAP) engine allows any Digital Transmitter to be operated at its maximum possible power level

and at the same time, widely exceeding
the minimum requirements of the official recommendations.
With DAP, the transmitter output is constantly monitored and adjusted to guarantee

the maximum coverage in any operating condition. An optional embedded GPS receiver allows perfect

SFN operation for the standards supporting single frequency network modes.
Using an optional board, a powerful and appealing Web GUI, together with a robust SNMP control support, allow easy access to the exciter’s control system by any wired or wireless network connection and a standard web browser over a PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone.