Digital TV


The DVB-S RECEIVER is a reciver for Satellite Digital Broadcast suitable for all DVB application both for signal retransmission to transmitting site and for standard reception application.

The output is on ASI format, universally used in the DVB world as transport interface of Transport Stream (TS).
The equipment claims a great practicability for use together with a compact and economical design.

The 'DVB-S Receiver' cover the typical IF frequency range for satellite television from 950MHz to 2150MHz.
DVB-S RECEIVER is realized in a 1U rack including the RF front-end section, the QPSK demodulation, the FEC (Forward Error Correction), and the ASI output section.

All the receiving sections of the equipment are extendable up to have a maximum of 3 received channels.
Neetra equipment is severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and is guaranteed by the ISO-9001 
Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase.

Neetra equipment for Digital TV broadcasting is currently used by valuable worldwide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments.