TV Links


The Digital Microwave TV Link is the Neetra offer for the microwave distribution of digital signals, designed for a high flexibility together with an extreme ease of use. The use of the intermediate frequency (70MHz) and of the different output power levels let the system be attractive for both individual point-to-point links and complete distribution networks.

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver that can be provided both as indoor and outdoor units. In the first case, the equipment contained within a single 19" rack unit makes its installation an easy job. In the outdoor version, instead, the use of a 70MHz input and output signal enables a connection with the indoor unit of length up to 200m; moreover, a specially designed ALC circuit equalizes the input and output signals from external units. The transmitter can be equipped with a QPSK modulator compliant with the DVB-S standard, with a modulation capacity up to 48Mbit/s, with ASI input. The receiver, correspondently, can be equipped with a QPSK demodulation board in order to directly produce the output ASI stream. The Digital Microwave TV Link is perfect for the distribution of the TS signals within SFN DVB-T networks.

The high quality of the frequency synthesis oscillators, used in the double conversion system, and the low noise figure of the receiver amplifiers allow the link to stay locked even for very low received signals. The use of input and output selective filters allow a branching connection of the transmitter and/or the receiver. All the units can be battery powered and controlla- ble by remote. All the Neetra equipment are rigorously designed, produced and tested within the Quality System guaran- teed by the ISO9001 certification.