Our alliance with Chinese local producers

In China, NEETRA team has been protagonist of a real turning point commercial operation that changed the business approach towards the Asian economic giant.

Infact, it is possible to work effectively with  the Chinese market only if alternative solutions to ordinary ones are adopted.

Chinese radio-television broadcasters, with their respective broadcasting stations,  are a huge number all over the country and represent  interesting potential business partners. But the strategy to position our transmitters inside the Chinese stations was not that of direct marketing, which is quite hard to carry out in that type of market.

We opted instead for a major breakthrough in the business approach by making a  strategic alliance with some Chinese manufacturers of transmitters, who chose to “embellish” their production by integrating high quality European products, in order to look more attractive to their customers.

Our sales team, in concert with the local partners of Jinyi Broadcasting, has been able to skilfully manage the collaboration by offering local producers cutting-edge technologies, technically and aesthetically customized at the best to be integrated in their systems.

Here is our “key” to access the Chinese market!

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