Neetra S.r.l. is a start-up that designs, manufactures and markets devices for radio-TV broadcasting, as well as electromedical and electrotherapeutiv devices, also designed based on the customer’s requirements. Neetra was established in November 2013 by some engineers who previously worked for Elettronika S.r.l.

Quality, high technology and innovation are the base factors of Neetra philosophy. Thanks to a team of skilled engineers with more than twenty years of experience, Neetra develops solutions that integrate the most advanced technologies, taking care of all steps from the feasibility study to installation, tecnhical service, and training of the customer’s staff.

Neetra reference market is worldwide.

The competition in the broadcasting field is represented by some “big guns” located in Germany, U.S.A., and Japan, and by small and medium Italian companies with a remarkable know-how of broadcasting technology. The competition in the electromedical field is represented by several small and medium enterprises, mostly European, who can provide OEM solutions to the world’s manufacturers of devices with applications for diagnosis and advanced medical therapy.

ISO 9001

Neetra is certified ISO 9001 since 2014

Neetra placement on the world markets is very interesting, as it stems from the international fame of its team, known in the world for amost 30 years.

The company also owns a new brand under which it markets the new products of the digital range: WAIV, technology for a better world.


Roberto Lorusso


Entrepreneur and advisor for more than 30 years, he designed an exclusive method of strategic planning based on system dynamics and back-casting approach, of which he is a real pioneer.

Concepts, ideas and contents of his books and publications have been successfully implemented in several Italian companies. He is also known for his meetings and teachings with a strong experiential trait, during which he translates and makes palpable the learning organization culture.

Phone: +39.080.9148740

Carmelo Mallia

Carmelo Mallia


Big enthusiast of broadcasting, in particular FM, radiating systems and installation accessories. Partner of SITEL, he signed many agreements with important companyes, such as Elber owned by Cav.  Mario Bernardi, of whom it became a partner.
In 1998 he created Telsat, which immediately became one of the most important references of the field thanks to representing historical and valuable brands like Andrew, Kathrein and Plisch.
In 2013, by purchasing shares of the company, he became managing director of Plisch GmbH.


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