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Neetra S.r.l. is a start-up company working on the Radio & TV Broadcasting field. The company is also in charge of the design, production and selling of electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment, with ad-hoc customers solutions.

Neetra was born on November 2013 and was set up on the initiative of some former engineers from Elettronika s.r.l.

Quality, high technology and innovation are the core values of Neetra. We can rely on a team composed by engineers and specialized technicians with a more than twenty-year experience in the sector which allows the development of advanced technologies. Neetra is responsible of all the phases starting from the feasibility study to the installation, after-sales service and training of the customer technical personnel.

The competition in the broadcasting field is represented by some giants located in Germany, U.S.A., Japan and some Italian SMEs with a remarkable know-how on technology of radio and TV broadcasting. On the other hand, competitors from the electromedical sector are the various SMEs, largely from Europe, which are able to provide OEM solutions for special equipment for diagnosis and advanced medical therapies manufacturers.

Moreover, Neetra is already certified ISO9001 since 2014.

Neetra’s positioning within worldwide markets is indeed interesting, since it derives from the international notoriety of its team, established since almost 30 years.

The company owns a new brand under which it sells its new products of the digital family: WAIV, technology for a better world.


Roberto LorussoCEO

Entrepreneur and consultant for over 30 years, he was the creator and designer of an exclusive methodology of strategical planning based on dynamic systems and black-casting approach, of which he is a real pioneer.

The concepts, ideas and contents of his books and publications had been implemented with great success by many Italian companies. He is also recognised for meetings and courses with a strong experiential content where the culture of learning organization is made tangible.

Riccardo CarapelleseManaging Director

Corporate consultant and entrepreneur of the private local Radio and TV field since 1977, he had controlled and contributed to the development of the Italian legislation of the sector. Also forerunner and creator of many designs and broadcasting networks and plants implementation. As an expert with a profound knowledge of the Italian legislation he was the CORECOM vice-president of the Puglia region, between 2000 and 2012. On the occasion of the TV switch-off he contributed to the establishment of many Consortia and to the design of SFN networks with DVB-T technology.

About Us

The best! Absolutely the best experience with easy to use transmitters, clear operating environment and extremely friendly and expert technical support! The task of being a Broadcast Engineer is becoming really relaxing when you operate with Neetra equipment and you deal with their cooperative and exciting people very prompt to help in any way.
Neetra transmitters are pure genius. Each unit are a complete solution with EDI input and GPS receiver. Low cost, low power consumption and incredibly small in size. And the best of all, it is rock solid and simple to use. You can't go wrong with Neetra!
Flexibility, reliability and ease of use, these are the words that soon come to my mind when I think to Neetra products. Your precious programs will be transmitted by an always-on network, with great remote control facilities and easily programmable energy-saving functions. Since I know Neetra, I have saved lots of money and headache!